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July 1, 2013
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Snowfall Ref WSC by JuJuKat Snowfall Ref WSC by JuJuKat

Snowfall Ref WSCby JuJuKat

Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Books & Novels©2013-2014 JuJuKat
:new: Means something is new.It will stay up for a week from when I edited it. * usually *
I hope you dont mind...I made it now so Snowfall could have kits....I am changing her history a bit.

Basic Information

Name: Snowfall
Gender: She-cat
Age: 22 Moons, 1 year and 10 months
Clan: Iceclan
Rank: Warrior
Height: 5 in tall
Weight: 8 lbs


Length: Long length
Texture: Soft,Silky
Appearance: Pure snowy white cat with small ears and paws, yellow-amber eyes and a huge, fluffy calico tabby tail. Snowfall is short legged, and smaller than most cats. Her tail is the size of her body.
Since birth, she has had deformed hips, causing her back legs to resemble that of a German shepherd. This makes her a a amateur swimmer, easily dragged through the currents. She needs treatment during season changes to take away the pain from her hips as they ache with horrible pain. Especially rainy seasons.


*Snowfall is chubby, due to a strange metabolism, and is highly insecure about it.
*A feature not many notice is a deformity in her tail as well, having many joints to flex and move around, unlike other cats.
Unique Features: Can move her tail differently from any other cat.

Family Line

Breed: Munchkin she gets her shortness from them, Turkish Van gets just her tail with a pattern,Burmilla gets her striped tail, British Shorthair how her fur is made.
Father: TigerStrike
Mother: ColdBreeze
Siblings:*half* IvyTangle(She-cat)

Family Descriptions
TigerStrike:Full amber eyes, long fur, with Calico like Patches randomly over body.
ColdBreeze:Green eyed,Medium Fur, Gray and White striped fur.
IvyTangleBlue Eyes, Medium fur, dark grey stripes  full body light grey with grey and white stripes also.


Brief History : **Warning; Some content in history might not be appropriate for some ages**

Snowfall had a great mother and father who were loving and gave her all the attention in the world. The she-cat was never left alone.She was a spoiled
as a kit.She never had to work for anything as a kit.She was loved,played with,cared for,what else could she want?The kit one day could tell be the distant in her parents eyes that something was wrong.They weren't as cheerful or playful. The two cats were planning to leave her.They wanted to do it without a word to any cat,but their beloved kit,Snowkit.They knew she would be fine on her own.

However, after apprenticeship, they left her and the clan to become kittypets, tired of the violent ways. This left her vulnerable. However, she found friendship in everyone, being happy and loving. Snowpaw had to beg the leader to make her an apprentice. They thought that she wouldn't make it.Her leg prevented her from doing the warrior stuff.She couldn't hunt right,swim,so they thought she was useless. The leader agreed and made her Snowpaw.She proved her self everyday that this was her destiny. After being spoiled and it all taken away as fast as it came,she never took anything for granite.

After she was made a warrior, a cat began taking interest in her. Like usual, Snowfall showed kindness even though she wasn't interested. However, soon he wanted more. When Snowfall refused to be his mate, he brought her out where they would be alone and demanded they be together. However, while Snowfall said no, he said yes. That night, he forced her to mate with him, and left her sobbing in the morning. This cycled continued for moons on end. Eventually, the cat left Snowfall alone, having found a mate. She felt... empty inside, sad, alone. She accepted the fact that she would bear his kits. However, this day did not come. Going to the medicine cat, she found out in horror that due to the cat's... abuse and roughness, the kits died. Cursed to never live the life she wanted, Snowfall continued her path as a warrior, feeling lost and empty.

Shy :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: Outgoing

Neat :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Sloppy

Fearful :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: courageous

Clumsy :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: agile

lazy :bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: energetic

Bold :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: cowardly

I will add more later

Snowfall shows a shy demeanor, hiding her soft and happy side behind a fearful shell. Around male cats, she is known to be uncomfortable unless they are an elder, a cat she has known since they were a kit or a good friend. She will stutter and try to escape the cat. She is also known to act like she is in battle,she will hiss and lash out if she really is that nervous or shy.She never may get comfortable around anyone.

Snowfall has an obsession at times with cleaning or keeping things neat.Usually on most days she tries to make everything look beautiful.If this every happened to her she would try to make a romantic walk neat,nice,and perfect.The cat can't help it.Snowfall has been known to be a bit sloppy.When she was younger she was always sloppy and never neat.Now as a warrior she is neat and non sloppy all the time.Only occasionally on a bad day.

Being shy makes her very nervous and fearful around other cats.She never gets to friendly with a tom cat.She fears she will be abused again.She has a fear of toms.She feels uncomfortable in her own clan.She doesn't feel welcomed in her clan. She even at times...fears her clan.She always keeps a eye on everyone,making sure everyone isn't looking at her.

On most days Snowfall is always full of energy.It seems like she has it dawn till dusk.The she-cat can spend a whole day working for the clan,improving dens,hunting,the basic stuff.Most cats can do this.

Rp Example

sorry just used mine from :iconthe-blue-tides:

Sharp Eyes watched The bird.Its brown wings flapped in the sunlight.The bird was large and fat.The cats eyes we re narrowed into slits. Her amber eyes were glowing in the safety of the bush.Her paws slowly crept forward.Her tail,all fluffed up, was just a nose length away from brushing the ground. Any moment now she would be eating this bird. Now only a fox length away from the beautiful bird.One more step.Instantly she leaped up in the air as the bird was flying up in the air. She brought the bird down with a paw,killing it with a nip to the spine. She drew a small amount of blood,keeping the flavor inside. She took a small bite,savoring the delicious flavors.Mouth watering flavors hit her tongue over and over as she took each small bite. A small crunch of leaves made her bolt from her spot,leaving the bird behind.

Relation Ships

Sexuality: Straight 
Not a Virgin * obviously she's been raped * 
:bulletpink: sexual 

:bulletblack: Non sexual 


:bulletblack: acquaintances
:bulletgreen: Buddies
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletblue: Good friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Best Friends
:bulletyellow: Attraction
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletpink: More than a crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Love
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: Hate serious problem with
:bulletorange: lust
:bulletwhite: Mixed feelings
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Respects

/Ref/Name/Bullets/Feelings 1-7 sentences per feeling

Cats from WSC Nutwhisker/ 
:bulletblue::bulletblue:/ "I'm slowly growing to accept him as a close, almost Best Friend. He has opened my eyes and actually showed me not all males can be 'bad'. I like to think of him as a princess, because well look at that face, he has a natural princess look, not every tom can pull of that look and still have a 'manly' side, though he made flower crowns with me, I still, I guess, consider him Slightly manly. Don't tell him I said that or he may end up acting up and saying I told you so , while galloping around me like a drunk pony."

Cats From WVS

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JuJuKat Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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